English Presentation Skills

Dr. Suyong Eum


Course Information - Semester 2nd, 2018


Welcome to English Presentation Skills course for the Year 2017! Use this page to gain access to the course resources and information. You have made a wise choices in learning about this important topic. As a graduate student, you are expected to deliver your current research work in English in an International conference or workshop at least once during your master candidate. You will stand alone in a room filled with foreign audience. Your heart is beating fast and hands are sweating. You hope that it finishes as soon as possible without any embarrassing moment. How are you going to prepare for the moment that you cannot escape? I hope that you will enjoy the course and gain confidence in English presentation at the end of this course.

General Aims

The aim of the course provided will be to facilitate the students' preparation of an English presentation by focusing their attention on a range of skills and strategies that students need to become successful presenters.

Course Objectives

text/css To introduce students various English presentation skills and strategies.
text/css To make individual students prepare an English presentation based on their current researches for an International conference or workshop.
text/css To help students gain confidence in English presentation.

Teaching Methodology

Lectures on different topics will be provided along with discussion. At the end of each lecture, students will be given an assignment of preparing two or three slide presentation, and they are expected to deliver the assignment in the next class.

Contact Details

Dr. Suyong Eum
OSAKA University Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
1-5 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka, JAPAN, 565-0871


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