Practical Machine Learning Workshop 2018

Dr. Suyong Eum / Dr. Hua Yang


PML 2018 Workshop Information


Welcome to Practical Machine Learning (PML) Workshop 2018. Machine learning has been applied in various fields and produced a wide range of applications. Since early this year Humanware Innovation Program (HWIP) in Osaka University has introduced "Practical Machine Learning (PML)" course in English to students who are willing to leverage the knowledge for their interdisciplinary researches. From the second semester in 2018, we would like to broaden the opportunity for other students in Osaka University through the workshops.

The aim of the workshop is to provide students with practical machine learning knowledage through hand-on experience as well as real world applications.

I hope that you will enjoy the workshop and leverage this opportunity to level-up your skills of Machine Learning.

Expectations from the workshops

text/css Understanding the operational concepts of various machine learning techniques
text/css Hand-on expereince on various machine learning topics.
text/css Learn practical knowledge: from theory to implementation and ... launch a machine learning application as a service.

Contact Details

Dr. Suyong Eum
OSAKA University Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
1-5 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka, JAPAN, 565-0871


+81 6 6879 4571



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