Beyond 5G and 6G mobile communications

Dr. Suyong Eum


Course Information - Semester 1st, 2023


Welcome to this mini course of Beyond 5G and 6G mobile communications for the Year 2023!. This course covers the last five lectures in 国際融合科学論・先端融合科学論. Since there are several things I would like to share with you during this course including assignments, lecture notes, etc., I created this website. So please use this site to access all the materials you need. I hope that you will enjoy the course and gain some knowledge and experience for your future study.

Course Description

I had been wondering how to orgaize these five lectures for the topic of B5G/6G. B5G/6G has various aspects to get explored. However, students attending this course have different research backgrounds, and also the name of the course, 国際融合科学論・先端融合科学論, literally suggests that the topic had better cover "interdisciplinary" subjects. Thus, I finally decided to deliver the three topics, namely B5G/6G, machine learning (ML), and quantum meachanics (QM).

At a glance, the three topics, B5G/6G, ML, and QM, just seem to be a list of technical buzz words. However, they are complementary to each other, and would be the foundation of various interdisciplinary researches in near future. For this reason, this course aims to provide the principles of those three topics, which lowers the barrier to entry of these topics for your future study.


Students are expected to have 1) Knowledge of programming skill (Python) to carry out assignments, 2) Basic differential calculus and linear algebra.

Course Objectives

text/css To have a good grip on B5G/6G, machine learning, and quantum mechanics.
text/css To understand the principle of each topic.
text/css To apply the knowledge for your future research.

Teaching Methodology

Lectures will be given in English, and everything will be elaborated in detail step by step.

Contact Details

Dr. Suyong Eum
OSAKA University Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
1-5 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka, JAPAN, 565-08. B606
Email: suyong[at]ist.osaka-u.ac.jp

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